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We brag of a name for professionalism for two decades and keep ourselves engaged in offering sector specific training for clerks and probationery officers. Came into existence at Nandyal (Andhra Pradesh) twenty seven ago, our institution is now the most sought after destination as we offer time tested material, suitable books, and totally equipped library. Bejewelled with professional standards, technnical acumen and trainee friendly faculty, our coaching proves handy in securing a right choice of your dream job.

We are all set to cater to the needs of banking sector seeking to adopt consistent changes in terms of latest technology and high end equipment. The institution will press its team to offer you the best of the training and ensure you excel in the examination. The institution, ostensibly provides sheer competence and unsurpassed skills to shape you up to excel in the examination. Our faculty that goes in tandem with flawless knowledge and technical update to push you into the banking sector. We distinctly blend strong will and perseverance to impart zeal and zest among trainees. The training will go through a planned strategy to overcome doubts


As chairman of SSGRBCC, I can assure you, if you are interested in exploring the ways to have a brilliant career and to settle in life, then you have come to the right place. Students pursuing Banking careers can look forward to promising futures. I am particularly excited to reveal that broad array of opportunities and conditions are available at present in career of banking. SSGRBCC will provide you with more than a superior career oriented coaching. SSGRBCC endeavors to remain at the crest and continue to develop every vital thought about students into action. A life of success and achievement is a direct utilizing the power of positive thinking. Your thoughts are the most important asset you have in your desire to achieve your dreams .I have attended so many seminars myself over the years. In many cases there were great seminars giving really usefull informantion. But,I noticed that in all likelihood, most people attending the seminar would put the seminar materials on their shelves afterwards and do not act on the information, even though at the time they received it they were very enthusiastic and excited about it. But, somehow, as the days go by the routines of daily life get in the way and the initial zeal just dies out. It was just not only a coaching centre, but also a place where your attitude will be nurtured and your responsibilities to your family and society reveals to you. It is only a matter of your fears, feeling powerless, lack of focus. Till now may be you are not settled, may be many trials and failures faced by you, but don't be pessimist. The lion make its step backwards, doesn't mean it is going away and feeling fear, but to make ambush, ferocious attack on the goal. Have lion heart.

Don't think that there is heavy competition. Life's battles don't always go to the stronger and faster man but, sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks that he can.

Welcome to the home of leaders and the best.

P.Dastagiri Reddy

Our Institute is the premier coaching centre in South India, recognized for imparting finest education. SSGRBCC has been developing a distinctive brand of leadership, equipped to address, resolve critical challenges faced by unemployed youth and making their career dredged with Banking sector. It is a matter of pride that the largest number of employees in multi-farious banks, organizations in India, have educated from SSGRBCC. Taking care of students to advance the common good in uncommon ways. Here definitely you will learn to think logically, deal with uncertainty and change, work with technology in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, communicate effectively and collaborate with bright faculty, all within a supportive community. Your student experience will be enhanced by taking inspiration from alumni network of thousands of our institute students who got employed countrywide. Be ready, take challenge, and set the goal. We guide you with multi disciplinary opportunities. Over past few years, our institute has taken on many exciting initiatives. All the exams,guidance,classes,mock Online exams, mock- interviews are our portfolio of activity that demonstrates the significant impact that the coaching centre is prominently No.1 by paving your way directed to the goal you have chosen.

Time and Tide never wait for anybody. HOLD FAST to that which is good.
Leading from darkness (un-employment) to light (making you pride to your family)


With the way paved by our chairman Sri P.Dastagiri Reddy Garu, SSGRBCC was pioneered in Banking career oriented teaching. It is my pleasure to welcome you. Our Institute is committed to delivering high quality advocation and related programmes that prepare students for successful careers and responsible engagement in a pluralistic global society. Our institute has a 27 years fascinating history and about 22868 distinguished people got employment through our coaching. This is a great time to choose career in banking sector. Whatever disciplines whether mathematics, science, and social whatever it is, banking career welcomes you. Institute of Banking Personal Selection (IBPS) was established in the year 2011 to conduct common entrance exams in banking sector. It is conducting tests for probationary officers cadre and for clerical cadre, once in a year for both the cadres. About 20 Nationalized and 56 Regional Rural Banks. Along with recruiting in Banks, you may also write the entrance tests for insurance companies and some other related government organizations. Indeed, our underlying philosophy is that students and faculty are colleagues who are partners in each other’s success. We encourage you to take a closer look at our institute’s website, by visiting campus and by talking with your potential faculty members. We believe you will come to understand why the people at SSGRBCC and those who previously trained here speak so fondly of SSGRBCC.

SEEK AND REACH NEW FRONTIERS in your banking career with our association.

P.Moulali Reddy
Managing Director