Director's Message

Director´s Message

Dear Student,

Director SRI SAI GURU RAGHAVENDRA BANKING COACHING CENTRE was established in the year 1989 by Founder and our Member Sir P. Dastagiri Reddy to guide the unemployed youth to succeed in the competitive exams in the financial institutions and to fulfil their ambition. Having 24 years of experience he transformed the unemployed into a self confident employee in various financial institutions and government establishments. So far more than 10000 successful candidates were benefited from this organisation, many with multiplicity of jobs. And still a long way to march on together...

Life is full of opportunities. Prudent intellectual choose the right path in life to prove one’s talent and thereby enjoy the pleasure of success. Our institute is dedicated to bringout the inner hidden talents of each individual, mould them to face any adverse situation boldly, succeed thereby, and acquire a suitable place in the society.

When the world economy was adversely affected by recession IT industry, it was the Banking sector, which came forward to provide employment to the frustrated youth. Tremendous changes in the recent past in the financial sector and implementation of new economic policies of Government, have led to create new customer friendly environment in banking industry by opening a large number of new branches to reach rural India.

Keeping in view of these changes, since 2006 public and private sector banks have been conducting the selection tests independently for clerical and officer posts, which led to multiplication of jobs to single successful candidate in various institutions, and created a vacuum to other aspirants. Recent announcement to reintroduce the process of recruitment of required cadre on the lines of BSRB, by creating a common entrance banking board from year 2011, to conduct the tests for clerical cadre and P.O Cadre. Thrice in a year for clerks and twice in a year for P.O’s and a provision to maintain the rank and seniority with one year validity, is a major revolutionary change in the Banking Sector. Our institute is adequately equipped to meet any challenge in the selection process in a befitting manner to achieve the goal. Be positive, Be bold, Be confident - Success awaits you.

Managing Director